Blair Athol Highland Single Malt 1st Fill Small Bourbon Barrel RLA 61.40 Full Cask 2014

  • Distillery Blair Athol
  • AYS 19/01/2014
  • Estimated ABV 63.5%
  • Estimated RLA 61.40
  • Approx. Bottles 136
This cask is not for sale at this time
Blair Athol

Blair Athol is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, tracing its foundation back to 1798 when it was originally set up as the Aldour Distillery, in reference to its water source, the Allt Dour - or Burn of the Otter. Located on the outskirts of the Victorian spa town of Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire, Blair Athol, along with neighbouring Edradour are two of the final vestiges of Perthshire's long lost farm distilleries.

In addition to its proud heritage, Blair Athol is also one of the most visually striking distilleries with many of the original buildings as well as an impressive dunnage where the finest casks slumber patiently waiting to be bottled. Only two official bottlings have ever hit the market; the standard, heavily sherried 12 year old and a limited edition 23 which shows the longevity of Blair Athol's spirit.

A key component of the Bell's blend of whiskies, Blair Athol is praised for its fruit-driven style with subtle earthy - not smokey - terroir-driven peat influence courtesy of the ancient moorlands over which its water flows. A mellow malt; the quintessential highland gentleman, Blair Athol has as much of a bright future as it does a storied past. It is only a matter of time before the reputation of this much loved distillery catches up with the ineffable quality of their whisky.

Aged in highly active, small 1st Fill Bourbon barrels previously used by the. Koval distillery of Chicago, this will develop mature flavours rapidly, yielding a limited run of incredibly intense, spice and dried-orchard fruit laden Highland Malt that will get independent bottlers very much hot under the collar.

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