Run your own Fine Wine business on Cru

Dream of running your own, personal wine business?
Put off by the financial commitment and operational challenges?

‘Cru Connect’ could be the answer

The ‘Cru Connect’ platform offers:

  • £35 million / HK$350 million / SG$55 million of live offers (most wines for delivery inside 30 days)
  • Logistics automated (no chasing warehouses or managing your own inventory)
  • Bid for over 180 million fine wines
  • Full integration with Liv-ex market
  • Tens of thousands of established clients ready to be sold to
  • The most advanced trading platform in fine wine today

As a ‘Cru Connector’ you run your own wine business:

  • No charges to join Cru Connect. No capital commitment
  • Buy and sell fine wine to clients using our state-of-the-art platform
  • Receive monthly cash commission based on your sales (no tax with-held)
  • Be allocated hundreds of established clients
  • Receive allocations of new releases
  • Legal protection via a formal legal agreement
  • Work flexibly, whenever and however you want
  • Be part of a fun, knowledgeable Cru community of fine wine lovers

Cru Connect enables any experienced professional to earn more money, with no capital commitment, than with a traditional wine merchant.

To receive more information (in strict confidence) about our independent consultant programme please apply below:

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