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Australian Kangaroo
16 June 2015

Rise of Australia

When the first wave of Australian wines hit the UK market in the 1980s, they were met with an abundant amount of success from the marketplace who welcomed their super-ripe and uncomplicated style as well as their even easier to understand labels which clearly identified the grape varietal (in English, no less!). With a highly favourable exchange rate and the reliability of trusted and easily identifiable “critter” brands, like Yellow Tail, wine buyers pushed their Australian suppliers for large volumes at lowest possible prices. The flaw in this cheap and cheerful strategy of selling bulk Australian wine was recognised in 2001 when a combination of factors began to deteriorate the strength of the Australian wine export market; including a massive over-production of bulk wine and the increase in value of the Australian dollar.
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19 February 2015

Notes from Australia: South Australian Shiraz

The Shiraz grape may have grown in Australia for over 100 years, but is there a definitive style to South Australian Shiraz? Reporting from on the road in Australia, Abigail Friedman explains the many different styles of Shiraz to be found in South Australia today. 
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vietnamese rolls
11 February 2015

Notes from Australia: The Rise of Mediterranean Grape Varieties

South Australia is famous for its Chardonnay, Riesling, Shiraz and Cabernet, but in the Adelaide Hills winemakers are also working with Mediterranean grape varieties such as Fiano, Tempranillo, Sangiovese and Aglianico. Perfect with the fresh seafood and produce in the region, as Abigail Friedman reports from Australia. 
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