Highland Park Orkney Single Malt 2019 Full Cask RLA 113.8 Refill Bourbon Barrel 67.61%

  • Distillery Highland Park
  • Region Orkney
  • Cask Size Barrel
  • Age Youngest Spirit 11 October 2019
  • Current Age of Whisky 1 years 11 months
  • Vol% 67.61%
  • Re-gauged Litres of Alcohol (RLA) 113.8
  • Approx. Cask Volume (litres) 140
This cask is not for sale at this time
Highland Park

Highland Park Distillery is one of the world’s greatest single malt whiskies. In 2018, Highland Park ranked 2nd behind only Macallan in volume of auction sales. Located on the island of Orkney, the distillery was founded in 1798 by Magnus Eunson. Eunson was a colourful character who was a butcher and church warden by day and an illicit whisky smuggler by night!

Highland Park is the only distillery to use peat from Orkney in the distillation process. This gives the resulting whisky its iconic smoky, slightly sweet flavour, rather than the briny, medicinal peatiness more common in Islay whiskies. Today it is one of the world’s most recognised and collectable whiskies.

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