Corporate News and Press Releases

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28 Aug 2023 Cru announces international storage expansion as investment via App soars
17 Aug 2023 Cru World Wine launches the "most comprehensive" mobile app
7 Jul 2023 Cru World Wine Celebrates its First 10 Years!
28 Feb 2023 Cru Launches New Air Freight Service in Singapore and Hong Kong
1 Feb 2023 Cru Launches Sustainable Fine Wine Investment Portfolio
24 Jan 2023 Cru Markets Trading Liquidity Hits All Time High
15 Jan 2023 Cru Managed Portfolios Outperform Mainstream Assets
7 Jan 2023 Fine Wine Correlation with Mainstream Assets
3 Jan 2023 Cru Reports Record Revenues for FY2022
23 Aug 2022 Cru's Major Upgrade to its United Kingdom Storage Facility
31 Jan 2022 Cru World Wine Opens New Innovation Centre and Sales Office in United Arab Emirates
3 Nov 2021 CRU STATEMENT: Passing of Ben Collins
26 Apr 2021 Cru Offsets 260 tonnes of CO2 Emissions as Part of Sustainability Plan - Verified Carbon Trust certificate
26 Apr 2021 Cru Sustainability Review of 2020 and 2021 Actions
5 Apr 2021 Cru Managed Portfolios Gain +47.9% in Q1 2021
28 Nov 2020 Cru Launches New “Cellar Door by Cru” Platform
24 Nov 2020 Cru Launches New Website Feature: Cru Videos
15 Oct 2020 Cru Moves to Dedicated Storage Space in London City Bond
17 Feb 2020 Cru Announces Offset of Group 2019 CO2 Emissions
17 Feb 2020 Cru Sustainability Review of 2019 and 2020 Actions
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