Domaine Denis Mortet

About Domaine Denis Mortet

Arnaud Mortet started working alongside his father, Denis Mortet, in the 1999 vintage of his family’s estate, the iconic Domaine Denis Mortet. Not only was Denis great friends with and mentored by Henri Jayer, but he also got the chance of a lifetime to taste the entire 1991 lineup of Leroy with Lalou Bize Leroy herself. The wines of Denis Mortet are thus inspired by both Jayer and Leroy in terms of both vineyard management and winemaking, precious wisdom that Arnaud inherited when Denis passed away in 2006.



Denis Mortet was one of the most important and influential domaines in the late 20th century and enjoys a cult status. The legend continues with his son Arnaud. Brilliant fruit-driven wines that are bordering on the supernatural. The wines have such a light touch; they seem to fly. Every Mortet wine, even the more rustic Marsannay, can be recognized for its velvety texture. 


Apart from the Domaine wines, Arnaud has also started his own négotiant business, naming Arnaud Mortet.

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