About Krug

Arguably the region's most prestigious and sought after producer, Krug was founded in 1843 and has been run by the family for generations. 


Krug captures the imagination and desire of oenophiles the world over for a variety of reasons - rarity, price, reputation etc. The simple fact of its success, and one which broadly holds true for all of the most in-demand fine wines, is their staggering brilliance. One of the world's leading critical authorities on Champagne, Antonio Galloni (Vinous), has tasted Krug Brut Vintage back to 1942 and never awarded a score lower than 94 points- this was to 1976 tasted in 2015, a bad vintage for the region and deemed to be slightly tired!


Krugs' cuveés

Created, in the words of founder Joseph Krug, "according to the circumstances", Krug Brut Vintage is an expression of time and place second to none in the region. The sole drive of the formidably talented team at the maison is to celebrate the characteristics of the finest years as fully and transparently as possible. In order to achieve this, Krug select the most expressive wines from their considerable Grands Crus holdings, blend them and proceed to hide them in their ancient cellars for a minimum of ten years, often more - sounds simple when put like that!


Krug cellar master Julie Cavil phrases the raison d'être of Krug Brut Vintage (as opposed to their Édition NV or two "Clos") most beautifully:


"A Krug Vintage is an intimate immersion into the world of the Tasting Committee, of what surprised, enchanted or moved us in the tasting room after the harvest. When I decide to craft a Krug Vintage, I always do so to tell the story of these unique circumstances" - Julie Cavil (Krug Cellar Master)

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