About Orma

Perfectly located between the mighty Ornellaia and Sassicaia estates in the legendary town of Bolgheri, the heart of the Super Tuscan movement, Orma is the very essence of the movement to which it belongs – ambitious winemaking, exceptional terroir and true passion for the art of Tuscan wine.

Purchased in the mid-1990s by successful native businessman Antonio Moretti, Orma arrived on the scene at the very crest of the Super Tuscan wave. Both helped and hindered by its timing, the world was obsessed with the glamorous names of Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Masetto. Tremendous advancers of the movement, their huge renown means Orma is still, to this day, slightly overlooked.


Located in the commune of Castagneto Carducci within the Bolgheri DOC, Orma is a mere 5.5 hectares in totality of perfectly maintained and lovingly farmed vineyards. A Super Tuscan in (arguably) its truest form, the Bordeaux varietals of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are planted here, exposed to the full terroir of the Tuscan coast.

An unusually high proportion of sand and pebbles, as opposed to far more clay in other Bolgheri areas, are found within the Orma soil. Combined by the consistent, gently cooling sea breezes inherent to its geography, and the result is a richly perfumed and elegantly constructed wine in the best tradition of the Super Tuscan movement.

Crucially, and highly unusual for a wine available at such an attractive price, Orma produces an impressive second wine, Passi di Orma.

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