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One of the most compelling alternative assets on the market today is cask whisky. The rates of return achievable by whisky casks dwarf those of fine wine, with less risk though there is a more prohibitive cost of entry with casks starting around £3,600 (equivalent to HK$38,500 or SG$6,685) for newly filled barrels and hogsheads and progressing steadily up to 15-year olds at £15,000-£20,000 (equivalent to HK$161,200 - HK$215,000 or SG$27,845 - SG$37,130), at which point the value and cost can begin to truly soar.

Cru is pleased to offer cask sales from some of the finest, most sought after distilleries in Scotland with blue-chip icons Mortlach, Springbank, Laphroaig and Bowmore all attainable for the right price, while more boutique names including closed distilleries and rare single grains, offering incredible upside for comparatively reasonable sums of money.

With Cru's industry-leading automated sales platform designed for fine wine and the first in the world to be applied effectively to cask whisky, there is not where better to invest in this remarkable asset. Whether you're looking for en primeur new make casks, maturing casks with superb upside or venerably mature 25+-year-old single malts we have a uniquely varied supply chain and agile platform built upon our long-standing expertise and close contacts within the industry.

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