Recommended Portfolio
By Jeremy Howard, CEO & Co-Founder

Recommended Portfolio

  • Fine wine is now a serious alternative asset class and should provide a great inflation hedge.

  • Since 1989, fine wine and whisky have outperformed mainstream assets.

  • Fine wine has genuine intrinsic value. More and more investors are moving into limited supply ‘tangible’ assets like fine wine to protect against inflation.

  • There is almost no correlation between fine wine and mainstream financial assets.

  • We believe all investors could benefit from having an allocation to fine wine / whisky.

  • We publish our GBP 200,000 Recommended Fine Wine Portfolio below.

  • Our new state-of-the-art portfolio management tools make managing your portfolio simple.

  • Our Recommended Portfolio is available to view on our website in real time. 

In a period of high inflation, investors should consider from having a percentage of their net worth in ‘tangible assets’ like fine wine

Fine Wine: Long-Term Investment Performance Fine wine has a remarkable long-term track record.

Since 1988, it has returned a compound annual price growth rate of +10.2% per year, rising a staggering +2,350% between 1988 and 2022. Fine wine has been a better investment than almost any other asset class over the past quarter of a century. 

Fine Wine: Low Volatility

Fine wine exhibits extremely low volatility. Significant falls in fine wine prices are almost non-existent because there are rarely forced sellers. In times of economic weakness, owners choose to hold and consume, rather than sell. Low volatility and high returns combine to give fine wine a ‘Sharpe Ratio’ well above that of most mainstream assets. 

Fine Wine: An Uncorrelated Asset Fine wine is uncorrelated with mainstream assets. Fine wine can act as an important portfolio diversifier. 

Cru Recommended Portfolio: GBP 200,000

Our Recommended Portfolio (the “Fab Forty” wines) combines the twin aims of wealth preservation and liquidity. The Portfolio is diversified across regions and maturities, and generally represents the highest quality fine wines available today. The whole portfolio costs GBP 200,000 currently and can be purchased directly from Cru as a one-off transaction). Our aim is to give cash rich / time poor investors a simple way to create an instant fine wine portfolio.

This Recommended Portfolio is constructed to offer long-term inflation protection (plus more). Investors should be looking at a holding period of 5-8 years in order to maximise its benefits.

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