Credit Cards: 

American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo are all accepted. All credit card transactions are subject to address verification prior to acceptance of your order. Our merchant system is secure and requires that we verify the registered billing address with the issuing bank prior to shipment of your order. Review times vary, but we do our best to keep delays to a minimum. Shipping timeframes begin once your order has been accepted. We reserve the right to levy credit card surcharge. Cru does everything possible to ensure that customers are only charged the amount shown at the checkout. However, we are not responsible for, and cannot be held liable for, any additional charges levied by the customer’s credit card provider as a result of a transaction with us.

Bank Wire:

 If you would like to purchase an item/s using a bank wire please note Cru requires a non-refundable deposit in order to hold the merchandise. The deposit is to be equal to 50% of your total order amount. The customer will then be emailed with fully detailed wire instructions that include the remainder of their balance due. Once a deposit is made, the customer has 15 days to initiate the wire transfer and send us a copy of the wire receipt. If it is not posted within that time, we will not be obliged to refund the deposit. If a returnable item is purchased (i.e. not subject to final sale) through this method and returned by the customer in accordance with Cru’s return policy a refund will be issued.

Our bank details for payments to Cru are:

[UK Webstore]:

GBP payments to: NatWest Account 85111457 Sort Code 60-04-04
HKD payments to: NatWest Account 338/00/87574462 Sort Code 60-04-04
SGD payments to: NatWest Account 409/00/87574454 Sort Code 60-04-04
USD payments to: NatWest Account 140/00/87574284 Sort Code 60-04-04
EUR payments to: NatWest Account 550/00/87574306 Sort Code 60-04-04

[HK Webstore]:

HKD payments to: HSBC Account 634-282735-838/SA-HKD BIC: HSBCHKHH
SGD payments to: HSBC Account 634-282735-838/SA-SGD BIC: HSBCHKHH
EUR payments to: HSBC Account 634-282735-838/SA-EUR BIC: HSBCHKHH
USD payments to: HSBC Account 634-282735-838/SA-USD BIC: HSBCHKHH
GBP payments to: HSBC Account 634-282735-838/SA-GBP BIC: HSBCHKHH
AUD payments to: HSBC Account 634-282735-838/SA-AUD BIC: HSBCHKHH

[SG Webstore]:

SGD payments to: HSBC Cru Asia Limited Account 052-385457-001 BIC: HSBCSGSG

If you have any questions about making a payment to Cru please email us at or use the Live Chat function on our website

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